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The Undergraduate Research Center – Sciences serves current UCLA undergraduates and faculty in all areas of the life and physical sciences, engineering, and mathematics. Their primary mission is to promote, develop, and celebrate undergraduate student research with the overall goal of enhancing undergraduate education and preparing students, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds, for academic and research careers. 


Research is an independent study in a field of interest. STEM research is usually conducted in a laboratory led by a Principal Investigator (PI). This is the faculty or staff member that leads a research project. STEM research often addresses a hypothesis or scientific question, and entry-level undergraduate STEM research is done as a smaller part of a larger, ongoing project in the lab. Undergraduates new to STEM research are trained and supervised by postdoctoral scholars (postdocs), technicians, graduate students, and other senior undergraduate researchers. Students can conduct research outside of their major and can work on multiple projects at a time.

Through the Undergraduate Research Portal, you will find opportunities to do research in all disciplines. Search for research opportunities both on and off-campus and create a profile that faculty can find when looking for student researchers.

Getting involved in a research project is more like finding a job than signing up for a class. All undergraduates find their own faculty mentor and research project. The Undergraduate Research Center provides resources to help students get research positions. A helpful resource are the “Entering STEM Research & SRP-99” workshops.

Many on-campus scholarships and funding opportunities require you to document your research through an independent research course (99, 196, 198, 199). Already having a few quarters of SRP-99 credit will make you a competitive applicant when applying for these scholarships.http://sciences.ugresearch.ucla.edu/after-securing-a-research-position/

Undergraduate Research Week celebrates undergraduate student research and creative projects across all disciplines. Open to all UCLA undergraduates in all majors, the week provides opportunities for students to present their work to the UCLA campus community, alumni, and visitors.


The Undergraduate Research Showcase is a joint collaboration between UCLA’s Undergraduate Research Centers and combines Research Poster Day, UCLA’s largest undergraduate research symposium, with the Oral Presentations, and Multimedia Salon into one all-day virtual event!

All current UCLA undergraduates who have conducted research or creative project during the current academic year are eligible to participate. The Undergraduate Research Showcase is open to students from all majors and grade levels. Projects that were conducted at another institution (not at UCLA) by a UCLA undergraduate are also eligible for presentation, but the presenter must be a current UCLA undergraduate.


Entering STEM Research & SRP-99 Workshops are offered each quarter to provide students with information about how to find a faculty mentor and research project, how to enroll in SRP-99 to receive academic credit for time spent doing research, and other resources & opportunities once you secure a research project.

Research is for all students and the URC-Sciences is committed to assisting you in finding the resources to meet your research goals. Visit the Center for Accessible Education to apply for accommodations based on disability.