UCLA Writing Programs

UCLA Writing Center

Writing Programs serves Undergraduate Students through a carefully calibrated sequence of writing courses. Given the diverse linguistic backgrounds of our students, that sequence must encompass considerable breadth: ELS focused courses, first-year composition courses at varied levels, and specialized advanced offerings.

First-year students must satisfy the following writing requirements:

  • Entry Level Writing Requirement (which may include an ESL requirement for students whose first language is not English)
  • Writing I

First-year students are placed into the appropriate sequence of courses to satisfy these requirements based on the Analytical Writing Placement Exam (AWPE). Depending on the results of the AWPE, an international or multilingual freshman might be held for as many as four English Composition (EC) courses.

Our core offerings play a vital role in preparing undergraduates to succeed in their academic and future professional work. Our work in the classroom is extended by our Undergraduate Writing Center, which aids students from all areas of study at UCLA. As a teaching and learning center, Writing Programs partners with other units across campus to strengthen or reinforce varied student success efforts.

As part of UCLA Writing Programs, the Undergraduate Student Writing Center’s mission is to enrich the education of undergraduate students in all disciplines through individualized consultations on writing. Our goal is not only to help students with a particular writing assignment but also to help them become more effective and confident writers. This means we work on two levels at once: we help writers 1) to gain insight into how they write most productively and efficiently, and 2) to meet the intellectual and rhetorical demands of specific writing tasks or assignments.

The Undergraduate Writing Center is a free service for all UCLA students.  One-on-one appointments are available at various locations. Work on your papers with a Peer Learning Facilitator and find the help you need with:

  • course papers
  • capstone projects
  • senior thesis papers
  • application materials (resumes, CVs, statements of purpose or cover letters)
  • writing personal statements for grad school

When you make an appointment at the Undergraduate Writing Center, you will work one-on-one with a Peer Learning Facilitator (a fellow undergraduate who is trained to help with writing). Peer Learning Facilitators (PLFs) can assist with any kind of paper for any class, and at any stage of the writing process. That includes help identifying a topic, formulating a thesis, organizing your ideas, incorporating and citing sources, or learning to proofread effectively. Make an appointment for help on a particular assignment, or set up regular appointments throughout the quarter to work on improving your writing.

Our English courses are designed to help students meet their English language needs in small, intimate classrooms that facilitate the language and cultural learning experience. Our courses are taught by highly trained professionals who are certified in English as a Second Language instruction and are the only instructors at UCLA with the academic expertise to handle the unique needs of second-language speakers. From those whose goal is to attend college or graduate school in the United States to those whose aspirations are to excel at their profession, or whose wish is to enhance their overall English performance, we have something for everyone. Our ultimate aim is to take your English skills to where you need them to be, as we help you to improve your written and spoken English, as well as your reading and listening skills.